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Concrete Batching Plants


Frumecar focuses on offering the most effective and efficient solutions, seeking for the optimum productivity and operating rates. It is for this reason that we design our plants to be more powerful and robust, but also to be easy to transport and install.

We define each and every part to make them more reliable and resistant and always use top-quality components from leading international brands.

Any of the concrete batching plants of our wide range of products will improve the performance and guarantee the quality and results of each project, regardless of its requirements, thanks to the different production capacities, logistics operations and modularity of our plants, which can be adapted to different space configurations and needs.

We offer a wide range of concrete manufacturing options that cater to any need.


  • Fixed or mobile
  • Wet mix or Dry mix


Dec 29, 2015 · Sauereisen Epoxy Polymer Concrete - 165 is a castable material for the chemical-resistant construction of sumps, dikes, containment areas, trenches, walls, floors, and structural support columns or bases. 165 has been specifically formulated for foundation construction and should be installed with proper reinforcement.

Rapid set mortar? Experiences? Tips for use?

2007/02/18 · Re: Rapid set mortar? Experiences? Tips for use? Chuck, In general, I can tell you that the various brands of rapid sets vary not only from brand to brand, but it seems like they can vary from batch to batch within a brand. For


INJECTABLE MORTAR HIT-HY 200-R The go-to adhesive for just about anything you need anchored. Hilti Epoxy Anchors HIT-HY 200R and HIT-HY 200-A are solid choices for practically any anchoring application. They handle multiple challenges—including ...

Cement, mortar volume to weight conversion

Calculate weight of Cement, mortar per volume, it weighs 2 162 kg/m³ (134.96925 lb/ft³). Materials, substances and compounds volume to weight conversions Enter volume, select a unit of volume, and specify a material or substance to search for. Use * as a ...

Epoxy and Structural Adhesives - Grainger Industrial Supply

There are various types of structural adhesives, including epoxy adhesives. Epoxy adhesives are multi-part resins that begin to set after mixing, and are capable of reaching a full cure within minutes. Epoxy differs from glue in that its components must be stored separately to prevent curing before use.

925 Emulsified Epoxy Concrete Mortar

Blome 925 Emulsified Epoxy Concrete/ Mortar PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Blome 925 is a water based epoxy binder designed for use with Portland cement and aggregate to restore deteriorated concrete surfaces. Blome 925 bonds tenaciously to existing concrete

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epoxy concrete repair | News and Tips

Posts about epoxy concrete repair written by Norm Lambert Mortar Systems can be used to make permanent repairs that no other kind of product can make. The purpose of this blog is to give you an overview of what you can use and how to use it.

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Effect of microwave on mechanical properties of epoxy mortar

The setting time of the epoxy mortar was determined using a Vicat needle according to ASTM C191 as generally used for cement paste, because no standard methods exist for epoxy mortar. The prepared specimen was subjected to microwave heating, and the apparatus was set up to measure the setting time of the mortar.

Tnemec Company, Inc. Industrial Coatings Data Sheets

Find Tnemec Company, Inc. Industrial Coatings Data Sheets on GlobalSpec. Industrial coatings are thin films deposited upon materials to add or enhance desired properties, such as color, conductivity, corrosion resistance, etc.

3-Component Design Epoxy Mortar CODEX X-FUSION

3-Component Design Epoxy Mortar APPLICATIONS 3-component grouting and bonding mortar with decorative colour settings for installation and jointing of ceramic and nat­ ural stone flooring. The fine, closed and waterrepellent joint surface makes codex X-Fusion very easy to care for and ex­ tremely hygienic.

Material Mix Design for Masonry Grouting – Masonry Magazine

The Model EHR 23/2.4 S Set has a load speed of 0 to 250 and 0 to 580 rpm. It is equipped with a rugged paddle that can handle high-viscosity materials in batches up to 200 pounds, including epoxy, mortars, plasters and cement; quartz-containing resins and flooring compounds; and insulation.

Rapid Set 55 lb. Mortar Mix-04010055

Acquire the Rapid Set 55 lb. Mortar Mix 04010055, crack-resistant, non-shrink designed for strength and durability, and it works great on overhead and vertical applications from The Home Depot

TEC Products

Order top tile adhesives from TEC, a leading manufacturer of high-quality installation systems for premium tile flooring. Visit for details.


¼” TROWEL APPLIED EPOXY MORTAR Product Data Sheet DESCRIPTION: 3300 PT is a three-component flooring system, trowel applied at a minimum ¼ inch. 3300 PT is U.S.D.A. acceptable for use in food processing plants and has excellent resistance to most acids, caustics, detergents and other corrosive materials.

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HIT-HY 200-R - Injectable Adhesive Anchors

Hilti Injectable Adhesive Anchors - HIT-HY 200-R - Ultimate-performance injectable hybrid mortar with approvals for rebar connections and heavy-duty anchoring Cordless Tools Power Tools Dust Management & Vacuum Cleaners Tool Inserts Direct Fastening

apollo bitumen plant price

Ammann Apollo India P Ltd, the leader in asphalt mixing plants and pavers in India has over 500 employees in its three plants in the state of Gujarat. We provide every service right from conception, manufacturing, turn-key setting up and maintenance of batch producing asphalt mixing plant.


epoxy resin grouts, mortars, and concretes. This the formulator. guidance is applicable to the repair of rigid g. Epoxy resin mortar. The product obtained by pavements on roads and airfields. co mbining a fine aggregate with the epoxy resin 2. Re ferences. Appendix A contains a list of system. references used in this document. h. Epoxy resin ...

Concrete Epoxy Repair

May 11, 2015 · Tim Carter, demonstrates how to use epoxy to repair concrete cracks and holes. He shares a secret tip how to disguise the epoxy. Discover more information on concrete repair at

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Density of Cement, mortar in 285 units and reference information

Cement, mortar weighs 2.162 gram per cubic centimeter or 2 162 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. density of cement, mortar is equal to 2 162 kg/m³.In Imperial or US customary measurement system, the density is equal to 135 pound per cubic foot [lb/ft³], or 1.25 ounce per cubic inch [oz/inch³] .

Product AM 747 Light Weight Epoxy Mortar Repair System

AM 747 Light Weight Epoxy Mortar Repair System AM 747 is a three component 100% solids lite weight epoxy mortar for repair of concrete walls and over head concrete repair • Recommended to be used on walls and overhead applications up to 4 inches thick with no slump. • Immersion applications for acids and chemicals. Solids By Weight: 100%

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Preservation Brief 2: Repointing Mortar Joints in Historic

The total volume of water necessary may vary from batch to batch, depending on weather conditions. It is important to keep the water to a minimum for two reasons: first, a drier mortar is cleaner to work with, and it can be compacted tightly into the joints; second, with no excess water to evaporate, the mortar cures without shrinkage cracks.

Base Mortar - Phenolic Mortar Manufacturer from Ahmedabad

This is Phenolic Mortar resin base mortar supplied in two components (resin and filler) recommended as bedding and jointing material in acid proof brick/tile lining work to resist against Mineral Acid up to 70% and oxidizing acid, organic and fatty acid, oils, greases and limited solvents.

Specification for 09705 Epoxy Resin Flooring

{3/6”} {1/4”} troweled epoxy mortar flooring Note to specifier: This guide specification has several options bordered with {brackets} that require editing. Please consult with Key Resin to confirm which options may be necessary for your specific project.

Dry mix


Robust and compact units, designed with the components of leading brands and capable of working non-stop over long periods of time.

With a capacity ranging from 60 to 120 m³/h.



Compact, reliable and offering full performance.

Plants with small-scale concrete mixer and a high production capacity. Designed to operate at full performance under any circumstances.

With a capacity ranging from 30 to 150 m³/h.


A unique approach: to optimise your profits.

Frumecar’s concrete batching plants have been designed with a clear goal: making a profitable investment for your business, in terms of performance and reliability.

Designed for a non-stop, hassle-free operation, with minimal maintenance requirements. Materials, manufacturing and components designed to achieve this goal.




Built to perform and last

What makes us different is that we focus on all of the above to achieve our goal.

Easy maintenance

Our plants have been designed for easy maintenance, thanks to their accessible components.

Advanced automation systems

By implementing the advances of the Industry 4.0, our R&D department sets the guidelines for the sector.


The best of the best; we couldn't offer you anything less.

Frumecar’s plants are equipped with the best components and materials in the market. We would not be capable of offering such a high-quality product without these components and materials:

  • PLCs, motors, geared motors and Siemens electrical switchgear
  • Sicoma mixers, powered with Siemens motors and an alarm system integrated in our software, supplied exclusively to Frumecar
  • WAM Screw conveyors and components for silos. Likewise, WAM screw conveyors use Siemens motors, which have been exclusively supplied to Frumecar

Many things make Frumecar's concrete batching plants unique. Here are some of them.

The lowest assembly and installation costs in the market.

Frumecar’s concrete batching plants have been designed to optimise your installation costs.

  • Factory pre-installation and design of folding components that greatly facilitate the process.
  • Modular design, achieving an extremely simple assembly, with no need for cranes or requiring minimal use of cranes.
  • They can be installed with no civil works required or with minimal intervention in the case of the largest plants.
Top-quality finishing materials and treatments for a long-lasting finish

We don’t cut costs in the finish quality; it is the differentiating factor that will make your unit last beyond your expectations.

  • Shot-blasted steel surface treatment to remove foreign bodies from metal surfaces, ensuring the perfect adherence of the subsequent coats of finish.
  • Joints sealed with polyurethane prior to applying the surface finish coats.
  • Double polyamide epoxy primer with Zinc Phosphate on each part and component of the machine (eliminating the possibility of suffering from surface corrosion).
  • Hot galvanised finish in areas on which operators walk or handle, such as ladders or guardrails, or zinc-plating on elements subject to friction and wear and tear.
  • Unit processing of parts prior to assembly.
  • Use of DACROMET fastening elements with non-electrolytic coating to protect them against corrosion.
Speedy supply and service.

We offer the fastest delivery times in the market.

We have a stock of prefabricated modules at our manufacturing plant that simplify the production process and reduce the delivery times.

Minimum logistics costs associated with shipment and delivery

Our mobile plants travel directly coupled to the tractor unit and all other parts are transported on standard HC containers, which are cheaper and easier to handle. Huge savings for your company.

In addition, the compact dimensions of our plants means only one or two of these containers are needed for most of our models.

Tested at the factory. Hassle-free, with no unexpected problems.

Frumecar’s plants are tested at the factory before they are shipped to the customer, preventing any form of unexpected problems and minimising the time required to commission them.

Equipped with 100% proprietary and built-in software; forget about compatibility problems and duplicate suppliers.

Frumecar’s concrete batching plants feature our “K2” software, the most advanced, stable and reliable software in the market. In addition, these plants are compatible with “Frumecar Cloud”, our Business Intelligence platform, a system that can take your business to another dimension.

Therefore, our plants eliminate the need to depend on third-party applications for their operation; less complications, less problems.

Guaranteed operation.

Frumecar’s plants have a redundant automation system that allows them to continue operating in the event of computer malfunction.

Frumecar will supply a «Digital Twin» of each plant to its customers, on which they can conduct research, tests and train their teams without the need to interrupt the operation of the real plant.

In the event of an incident, our technicians can connect to the plant and work directly on it using remote assistance systems. In any case, our technical service can travel to your facilities and resolve any incident.

A flexibility and service only Frumecar can offer.

When you acquire one of Frumecar’s concrete batching plants you also acquire the know-how, experience and reliability of a company that focuses on R&D for the sector and with a true service vocation, with 49 years of experience in the market and more than 4,500 satisfied customers.


Request our catalogue for more information about our full range of concrete batching plants.


Reliability and ease of assembly.

The most comprehensive range of top-performance concrete mixer plants; discover our models and the customisation options.

PLANTS Dry mix

Versatile and high capacity.

For small or large production volumes, with everything you need to make your business profitable.

Accessories, configure your plant tailored your needs.

We offer a huge range of accessories for our plants, so they can be adapted to any specific circumstance or need. Contact us for more information about your specific needs or request a catalogue.



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